Ruth Luevanos Calls Her Constituents Racists & Homophobes

Councilmember Ruth Luevanos' July 13 video showed a massive lack of respect for the United States government, for the rule of law, for the American flag, for her colleagues on the Simi Valley City Council, and for all of the residents of the city she (occasionally) claims to love. If anyone thinks that she has in any way reconsidered her comments and the harm and division they've caused... watch Ruth shame her critics from the City Council meeting on September 9.

She said:

I find it interesting that people who wrap themselves in the American flag and claim to value individual rights and freedoms are upset by my promotion of individual rights and freedom.

Are rights for everyone or just for some of you? The Constitution covers every man, woman, and child, regardless of age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or legal status. Are you afraid of sharing these rights with people that you deem unworthy?

Councilmember Luevanos has it so wrong and it's apparent she'll never get it right. She was not promoting individual rights and freedom. She was spreading propaganda against the government of the United States while cloaked in the title of her elected office. She didn't even have an American flag in her office. The only "rights" she's promoted during her time in office are those of illegal aliens (a term she claims is dehumanizing).

Ruth Luevanos has no business having a spot on the City Council dais and must be recalled.

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