Read Ruth's Formal Response to Recall Notice

Ruth Luevanos has filed her official response to the Notice of Intent to Recall, which displays a complete lack of understanding and responsibility for her actions.

She maintains that all she did was inform "residents" of their rights and that by lying about ICE raids at Vallarta Supermarket she was merely "answer[ing] questions posed by fellow councilmembers with honesty and integrity based on information I received from other Simi Valley residents."

Ruth claims, "I upheld my oath to the United States and California constitutions when I instructed residents of their legal rights in the Facebook video I posted on July 13, 2019....Informing residents of their constitutional rights, including their right to remain silent or the right to an attorney, does not violate the City of Simi Valley Code of Ethics and Conduct."

Let's have a little refresher on what she actually said in her "know your rights video," released the same weekend that the Department of Homeland Security was planning to apprehend illegal alien fugitives who had ignored deportation orders, and for whom they had warrants:

"I'm here to tell you that you have rights. Under the US Supreme Court case of Plyer vs. Doe, there are rights that have been established by our US Supreme Court for undocumented immigrants. This means you have the right to an attorney. You have the right to remain silent. You do not have to sign any documents that are presented to you. You do not have to open your door to ICE officials. ICE cannot legally force their entry into your home.”

This instruction encourages fugitives to ignore warrants, evade arrest, and puts law enforcement officers (and any innocent bystanders) in physical danger, which goes quite a bit further than simply informing people about their constitutional rights.

Is the following "collateral" information included in Ruth's assertion that she was simply informing residents of their legal rights, or is it simply a combination of propaganda and lies?

“I’m hearing news from our southern border, and right now the United States is in the business of running concentration camps. They’re dehumanizing our refugee immigrants, our families that are coming here. They’re asking them to drink out of toilets. They’re verbally and physically harassing them, and they’re denying them basic sanitary care.

"This is not just targeting criminals who are here undocumented. This is targeting all families, and they’ve already said they’re going to have collateral deportations. This means tearing families apart, families that have worked here and lived here for generations, paid their taxes, followed all the laws, and are simply seeking a legal recourse that they haven’t had for years in our immigration system.”

People who have been ordered deported and ignored such orders are simply seeking a legal recourse that they haven't had for years in our immigration system? No, Ruth. No. Also, what does this issue have to do with the real issues facing the residents of your city?

Ruth then says, "I did not benefit personally or politically from that video as evidenced by this notice to circulate a recall petition, and the many personal attacks made upon me since the posting of the video."

It can be argued that her stature among like-minded people has been significantly raised since the posting of this video, and the recall election is doing the same.

Ruth then states that she "remained respectful and civil" in all of her comments in response to the video, as evidenced by her "sitting patiently and politely" through more than three hours of comments on July 29 in which she was "attacked." However, in an interview with La Opinion she characterized Simi Valley residents as racist and said people drive by her house with confederate flags flying from their trucks.

She's oddly silent, though, regarding the allegations that she used her title and the city seal in her video, and doesn't deny that it was filmed in her City Hall office. Those are serious ethical violations, and her response is a joke.

Read the response here:



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