Post From Simi Valley Native Calls Out Luevanos' Divisive Tactics

Since Ruth Luevanos came on the Simi Valley political scene in 2018, the city's community Facebook forums have become extremely politically divided and polarized. After Ruth posted "the video" on July 13, the vitriol has exploded. Last night one Simi Valley native posted a long letter to the community on one of the forums that perfectly describes the way many of us feel. Thank you, David Huffman.

His letter reads:

Dear Citizens & People of Simi Valley, California.

Allow me to introduce myself. My Name is David ( Storm ) Huffman. The "Storm" is there because for 20+yrs here in Simi Valley, I was the lead vocalist for the Dave Storm & Thunder Creek Band, along with a Nickname I have had forever it seems.

I was born & raised in Simi Valley, on Dr. Jones' couch in his little tiny office on Deodora before there was a hospital here to be born in. This is my home. I have walked, hiked and seen about every square inch of this city. I have watched Simi Valley grow up. I remember the Community Safety Agency, who were sort of our police previous to the city's incorporation in 1971.

I played in the old Sunkist Factory on Alamo where the Courthouse is now. I played in the buildings of our entire City Hall & Library when they were being built.

I lived across the street from Rancho Tapo Park when it was citrus trees and an open field. That was my stomping grounds. I hiked Whiteface before there were trails & roamed the set of Little House on the Prairie & Father Murphy when they were there. This is my home and the only place I have ever known as home! I even “Survived Lemon Drive."

Why am I telling you all this, you might ask? Because I love my town & I love its people..... ALL OF THEM! I do not see Race, Color, Creed, Religion or even Political Party! I see Simi Valley-ites. And I love them ALL.

I am writing this because I am fed up with what I am seeing happening in our city! We are falling into the trap of hate & division brought on by divisive political people and groups attempting to gain a foothold and power in Simi Valley.

These people and politicians will go to endless lengths to divide us, just as we see them doing across our State & Our Country!
I serve no political group! I am one of those nightmare people who have no agenda except to do the right thing. I am registered No Political Affiliation.

I have never really had a lot of interest in politics, especially our city's politics, thus I tend to try to stay away from it. I work, I pay my rent, and yes, I vote for those I believe will look out for our City. I would prefer not to get to deep into it...but sometimes you get pulled into things you do not or are not seeking.

It seems that approximately 1/4 of the voters in Simi Valley were looking for a savior, someone to balance the generally conservative or (Republican) makeup of our City Council that has existed for many years. I think they thought that they were not being represented in Simi Valley very well.

There have been Democrats on the City Council before, so this really is not accurate. But they were so desperate to have representation they elected a true Radical.

This is easily seen in a City Council Tape of an exchange between now City Councilmember Ruth Luevanos and (then City Councilmember) Mayor Keith Mashburn. In that Council Meeting Ruth admonished Mashburn regarding Simi Valley’s lack of support for Latinos in Simi Valley. She made accusation that Keith Mashburn, a man who has run into more burning houses of Latinos in his career [as a Ventura County firefighter] than any of us will see in a lifetime was somehow insensitive to Latinos in Simi Valley & the root of much of the perceived discrimination she was pushing, obviously in a forward looking run for City Council.

Ruth went as far as to imply that Latinos in Simi Valley were discriminated to such levels that they were scared to death to leave their homes in fear they would return & their loved ones would be deported.

She fell just short of calling Keith Mashburn a Racist. Again, a man who has saved more Latino lives than Ruth Luevanos will probably ever know; a man who put his life on the line for people of all races, colors, creeds, religions without questioning his own safety in the process.

The point of this is that those folks so desperately looking for representation were completely taken in by a person who has an agenda of Hate & Fear Mongering.

Ruth has convinced our Latino Community, Legal and Undocumented, that they need to live in fear of non-existent ICE Raids in our community and that ICE Agents and CBP agents are going to kick in their doors and deport them all! No Clear thinking Simi Valley Resident would believe such malarkey!

Racial Division is the Tool of the Extreme Left wing in our country. It is the best way to control people & groups, through pointing at other folks and groups and telling them: "You Need to be afraid of them. They will deport your entire family or wrap you in chains & return you to slavery." Complete BS!

These tactics are on full display all across our country every day! It is an effective tool, but it is based in Fear (of losing power) and Hate and it is as disingenuous as anything could be! Such Fear Mongering should be illegal.

Ruth Luevanos is a far left wing radical with an agenda of hate, fear & divisiveness. She wants me to hate my Latino Neighbors & My Latino Neighbors to Fear me because I am white & generally am conservatively based in the way I live my life.

Folks, I only own 2 things of any real value whatsoever... My Honor & My Integrity.

The reason I am writing this is because I feel myself being pulled into the political landscape of our City. Someone has to stand up and stop the lies, Fear Mongering & Divisiveness that is brewing in our City because we have Elected Officials running around scaring our Latino Community with blatant lies.... Example: ICE Raid at Vallarta Market that according to its Manager Never Occurred! Preparing our Latino Community for ICE Raids on their homes that have literally NO CHANCE of happening!

If Ruth was honest & truly concerned about our Latino Community, she would be telling them the truth. That truth is that you have almost no chance of being raided by ICE unless you are harboring a Criminal Alien in your home, as that is the Objective of ICE - to Remove Criminal Aliens that have committed crimes beyond just sneaking into our county. If you are a law-abiding, hard-working, contributing member of our society in Simi Valley and you do not have any Gang Members & people who have committed serious crimes in your home, you have about ZERO need to worry about ICE coming to your home!

Then she would actually be serving the Latino Community she acts like she cares about. But really, she does not. Ruth Luevanos cares about keeping you scared, because if you are scared, you will continue to vote for her...because she’s acting like she is standing up for your rights.

Actually she is drawing attention to you & the Illegal Alien population in Simi Valley & pointing out the places you may work, such as Vallarta.... this is something you probably do not need & really should not have to worry about, because you, like the overwhelming population of Simi Valley Live is a Safe & Sane City. At least until we Elected Ruth Luevanos and she began using her seat on the City Council to upset & scare our Latino Community, creating division that does not & should never be there!

Simi Valley is NOT a Racist or discriminatory City. It never has been & IT IS NOT TODAY just because Ruth Luevanos says it is!
She is a calculating political pundit with a hateful agenda that is designed to serve only Ruth Luevanos and her future ambition off of the fears of the Latino Community in Simi Valley - fears she created!

As a result of this, citizens in Simi Valley have put together a Recall Effort. Some have been opponents of Ruth’s from previous to her election, but most have come around to seeing what Ruth is doing and the damage and divisiveness she has brought to our City & are supporting her Recall.

Like with anything in the political realm there are folks with extreme views on both sides. I do not agree with any “extreme" views, but I do now agree Ruth is not good for our city as a representative of our little city.

With the advent of social media, Facebook, Twitter etc., discussion boards like these have become magnets for citizens to argue away.
It cannot be as simple as putting up your opinion and moving on, because the hard core radicals seem to control the narrative or at least attempt to.

I came into this forum believing that the Recall Effort was not really needed. It was a cost Simi Valley did not need to bear.
Although I was disturbed by the video that Ruth put out.... Not really because of the content as much as the selfish political reason she & others across the nation put out similar videos at approximately the same time. The goal of these video was not actually to give information about the 4th Amendment (the subject matter) but to bring publicity to themselves & protest President Trumps Border Policies. Completely Self Serving!

So I came in here and stated that I thought the Recall was not needed & could be bad for our City, but also disagreed with Ruth putting out that video, stating I thought it was in poor judgment and she needed to simply apologize and we all could move on, as we have with many politicians who made mistakes in Simi Valley. They say sorry, we move on to the next subject and have the next city event at the park and we all get together and enjoy one another. That has always been the Simi Way.

So while I agreed with the Anti-Recall folks, I would not toe their line 100%. That got me relentlessly attacked & harassed by the Radical Ruth supporters, most of whom don’t even live in the city anymore. No one attacked me from the Pro-Recall group even though I wasn’t towing their line 100% either. Not even for the real hard core Pro-Recallers. They seem to accept my opinion and move along.

But the Anti-Recall radicals have pulled out the stops. They attack, demean, and try to bait anyone that disagrees with them, and have acted like the most insane group of people I think I have ever had discussions with (and believe me, I have had plenty of discussion on politics with some pretty hard core folks) but these people definitely take the trophy for most obnoxious people on a forum I have ever encountered.

They attack anyone who even remotely thinks Ruth is anything short of their Savior. It is truly Nutzville!
But, you see, I have this little problem. That problem is, when I see actual people being attacked, demeaned, and harassed I kind of feel I must stand up and do what’s right to try and protect them from such blatant attacks. So I tend to start doing something I long ago should have learned not to do..... Stand Up!


So while I am still to this day, not really interested in politics, I will put myself on the line if need be to make sure our People, (Legal or Illegal) are safe and are being treated with dignity & respect & more importantly BEING TOLD THE TRUTH & Represented with Honor & Integrity

Our City is a GREAT place to live! It is an OUTSTANDING place to come and raise a family. The color of your skin is irrelevant. If you are an honest, hardworking person who wants to live safely & secure, If you get in trouble & have to call 911 & want a Cop there before you even hang up the phone, Simi Valley is the place to be. And I will do whatever I must, sacrifice whatever I must, to ensure it stays that way!