Notice of Intent to Recall Served on Councilmember Luevanos

Councilmember Ruth Luevanos was served with a Notice of Intent to Recall during the August 12 City Council meeting.

Numerous city residents spoke during the public comment period, voicing their displeasure at Luevanos' actions, after she was served.

While serving Luevanos, Simi Valley resident Joe Piechowski said:

"This pattern of unethical conduct has to stop, and that's why, in addition to again asking the Council to put a censure on a future agenda, I'm here to serve the Councilwoman with a Notice of Intention to Recall. The people of our community deserve to have someone who will not misrepresent herself publicly, will not lie about the actions of law enforcement in our community, and who will adhere to the Municipal Code when it comes to proper campaign finance reporting."

Recall petitions will be available for registered voters in Simi Valley to sign in approximately 30 days.