Post From Simi Valley Native Calls Out Luevanos' Divisive Tactics

Since Ruth Luevanos came on the Simi Valley political scene in 2018, the city's community Facebook forums have become extremely politically divided and polarized. After Ruth posted "the video" on July 13, the vitriol has exploded. Last night one Simi Valley native posted a long letter to the community on one of the forums that perfectly describes the way many of us feel. Thank you, David Huffman.

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Ruth Luevanos Calls Her Constituents Racists & Homophobes

Councilmember Ruth Luevanos' July 13 video showed a massive lack of respect for the United States government, for the rule of law, for the American flag, for her colleagues on the Simi Valley City Council, and for all of the residents of the city she (occasionally) claims to love. If anyone thinks that she has in any way reconsidered her comments and the harm and division they've caused... watch Ruth shame her critics from the City Council meeting on September 9.

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Greg Gonzales Speaks Against Ruth Luevanos

At the July 29 Simi Valley City Council meeting, Simi Valley native and resident Greg Gonzales shared his feelings about Ruth Luevanos' actions.

Top 5 Pro-Ruth/Anti-Recall Talking Points, And Our Response

Ruth Luevanos' supporters have consistently used the same talking points to defend/excuse her actions and argue against a recall. We've listed them here and explained why they're wrong.

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VC Star: Progressive Simi council member Luevanos sparks uproar in conservative Simi with ICE video

Simi Valley City Council member Ruth Luevanos, a political progressive, has sparked an uproar in the sizably conservative town over a video she posted on Facebook advising immigrants of their legal rights prior to recent ICE raids.

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Read Ruth's Formal Response to Recall Notice

Ruth Luevanos has filed her official response to the Notice of Intent to Recall, which displays a complete lack of understanding and responsibility for her actions.

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Did Ruth Luevanos Practice Law Without a License?

If you've been paying attention to Ruth Luevanos' nascent (or is it?) political career, you might be under the impression that she is a licensed attorney. There are a lot of questions about exactly what her status is, but we know she never took or passed the California State Bar - even though she claimed on July 29 to have "defended immigrants" at Terminal Island.

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Notice of Intent to Recall Served on Councilmember Luevanos

Councilmember Ruth Luevanos was served with a Notice of Intent to Recall during the August 12 City Council meeting.

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The Larry O'Connor Show 8/14/19 - 10am

Listen to KABC's Larry O'Connor interview Simi Valley resident Jennifer Van Laar about the effort to recall Ruth Luevanos.

Luevanos Continues to Lie About ICE Raids in Simi Valley

At the August 12 Simi Valley City Council meeting, after Councilmember Litster low-key chastised Ruth Luevanos over her false claim that there had been ICE raids at the Vallarta Supermarket and that the popular store was now a "ghost town," Luevanos doubled down, changed a few elements of her story, and continued to lie.

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